Time to get out

Hello to all Readers,

Yes I’m uploading my another blog after a long time,
well if you are reading this blog, I hope you like it.

So, Some boys think what to wear when they going out, not much puzzled like girls but Yes a lil bit.
Comfort clothes makes us feel good So I always look for comfort with style.
So here we have 2 looks in that we have a Round neck Dark green shirt made by ‘Tribe’ {you can say a short Kurta} its made of cotton. It looks so classy.

2nd look where we are changing shirt.

A light blue Denim jeans with it and Light tan color formal Shoes make a perfect look.



A light blue Denim jeans with it, is one of best option to put on.
It looks so perfect.
I bought this Denim jeans from a Local shop.


Tan color Formal shoes give a lil formal touch and make this dress code different.






Shirt By :- Tribe
Watch :- Fastrack
Jeans :- Local shop
Shoes :- United colors of Benetton

2. To customize by your way to make it look better.
Changing shirt is multi color check designed, making the look much simple.



Shirt By :- Levis India

Look 2.




Shirt By :- Levis India
Watch :- Fastrack
Jeans :- Local shop
Shoes :- United colors of Benetton

Thankyou for Reading.

Nehru Jacket

Hey there,

To all readers, if you are reading this blog then I know you will like it Hopefully.

Now come to the point

Then I’m wearing a Nehru jacket on a denim shirt, shirt is light blue in color which is made of soft denim. Because it made of soft denim, So it also feels very comfortable to put on a jacket over a soft denim shirt.
Usually people don’t apply it.
But it’s a very good combination, so you can try this dress code in your family functions,
you will get a little different look to others.

And the light colour cream pant is making it much better in colour combination so that’s just giving a perfect look.

Overall, It’s a very comfortable dress code.